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Ramblings of Nikki

The life and times of a Cannoli

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My Amazon wish list - for my birthday, holidays, or just for the hell of it

"My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today" - Watership Down

Rest in peace, my little Spike. I will reunite with you someday.

This site contains little or mild offensive materials. Basically stuff only uptight parents would get upset over. :p

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Name: Nicole, Nikki, Nikki baby, etc.
Location: Franklin, NJ
Status: Married to Kenny on 6/16/09 <3
Pets: Jet the parakeet
Some more info: Can be found on FluffMuck (Nikkita on there); more info can be found on the web site

Yes, I am a furry. No, I don't do any of that stuff that you saw on 'sex 2k' on MTV. Just put cat ears & a tail on me, & I'm the same way as I am when I'm a human. If you don't like it, well, deal w/it. This is who I am.

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life

My Furry Code

FFLw5dm A C- D H+++ M+ P++ R+ T++ W-- Z- Sf- RLU a cn++ d e f- h* iw+ j+ p sf+